Shalanda Herring, CLNC

Shalanda Herring, CLNC

Shalanda Herring, CLNC is the Founder of Herring Medical Legal Consultants. She is a medical expert that provides legal support to build cases for our clients. Herring Medical Legal Consultants is seeking independent consulting opportunities to use our clinical expertise in critical care, nursing education, and knowledge of the health care system to provide consultation to attorneys on medical-legal issues in health related cases including, but not limited to personal injury, wrongful death, worker’s compensation, and product’s liability.

Shalanda’s experience reviewing medical records as a Critical Care Nurse plus her CLNC Certification qualifies her to quickly and cost-effectively review cases in any medical and nursing specialty. As a CLNC, Shalanda offer the attorney-client services consisting of medical record screenings for merit, literature research, chronologies, identify and locate testifying experts, etc. I possess the profound ability to manage multiple tasks and deadlines simultaneously, while providing excellent customer service and the willingness to adapt to my client’s needs.

Herring Medical Legal Consultant’s expertise allows us to organize, review, and summarize medical records for merit. Develop timelines, summaries, and other reports related to the medical event. Conduct literature research to support strategic development of the case. Coordinate and attend Independent Medical Exams (IME) and Defense Medical Exams (DME). Identify and locate expert witnesses. Define applicable deviations and adherences to the Standards of Care.